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Middle-aged partner, father into road cycling, producing websites, wilderness noeing and changing the world

I've been blogging here since 2003. Thus far the blog has covered death in the family, selling the farm, birth of a child, changing jobs, surviving the Harper era, and of course lots and lots of kilometres paddled, skiied and cycled. Sometimes I review things I acquire, and services I use. I share things I've learned about web applitions, and real-life projects I've undertaken. I write web content and produce websites for a living.

Spring Hill, Not Farmer's Way

Cycling safety: attitudes before infrastructure

There I was, riding south down Farmers Way. I was doing a workout, going somewhere between 36 and 40km/h — half the posted speed limit — in the middle of the southbound lane. If you don’t happen to know Farmers’ Way, it could easily be lled Farmers Out of the Way. It runs south from Russell Road where the 417…